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As a personal relationship coach and multiple-published author on the subject, Sue has been featured on the BBC1, BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, in national newspapers 
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Do you have the love you seek in your life? If not, are you ready to do something about it? You have the capacity to do what it takes to create the strongest love of your life. You will be supported every step of the way. You just need the tools and know-how to help you get there. Learn how to empower yourself in relationship and finally get the love and connection you really want.

What people say about Sue’s coaching

“I saw an online post made by Sue and it addressed paradigm shifts which I believed I needed.

 A number of things stood out to me:

  1. I felt SAFE to speak openly with her
    2. I felt she LISTENED closely which was evidenced by.
    3. Her asking QUESTIONS that challenged me.
    4. She encouraged me to take ACTION as much as possible with what I wanted to do/have.

As a result, I have seen positive improvements:

1. In how I see myself and others (less shame and less judgement) hence more open to relationships of all types.
2. Lost weight through being more aligned with how I feel rather than what people will think of me.
3. Parenting skills – working on myself helped me give space to my children to breath and grow.
4. Reduced over thinking by taking action when I needed to.
5. Open myself up to doing things I was  avoiding (joining groups, approaching others for connection) but would bring a better quality of life. 

 Thank you for the difference you have made in my life.”

Sophie, Auckland

“I can’t begin to say how you have transformed my life. I now have a new confidence and outlook which have totally changed my way of seeing myself and my life ahead. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a change was possible and I am, and always will be, eternally grateful to you.”
Marianne J. Lucas

“Having just finished working with you I’m looking back over our time together and the changes are awesome! My relationship with work colleagues, even my family and friends have been transformed! I used to see myself as a victim, blaming other people. Now I look within myself and I realised I’m responsible for me! That’s HUGE! I realise now that I’m in control of my life! I feel reborn!”
Penny L.

“…Sue helped me realise my true potential in life as a step mum, wife and, of course, business woman. She seems to be able to unravel my mind and set me on clear paths to success of a different kind. Success for my family is very different from success for my business. She is tough. Sue does not allow you to hide in a corner; she challenges your deepest thoughts and she helps you find your purpose in life.”
Jane J.

“When I started working with you I was personally and business-wise at a very low ebb. I don’t know how you did it but I now have complete clarity of what I want from life and how to achieve it! I have worked with mentors and with business coaches in the past but you have been able to combine both roles. I would describe you as a Samaritan, Friend and Mentor. With your help I have been able to close the door on two very stressful and worrying years, and I have regained my momentum to get on with and enjoy life. Thanks for being in my corner.”
Roger S., Owner and Business Development Director.

“I found Sue at a time when many people are retiring yet I found myself in a challenging long-term relationship.  There’s no doubt in my mind that I got through this past year and back on my feet far better and faster than I would otherwise have done because of her.  She’s a totally authentic, kind-hearted, discerning, smart and conscientious coach.  She’s even more than that.  She’s a skilled therapist, a counsellor, a guide and a totally reliable friend for the journey who walked with me through some very tough stuff and who held me accountable at every turn while also holding my hand. She expanded my view of myself and what I really wanted and needed. I shall always treasure Sue’s integrity, skill, wisdom and enormous kindness which have made a real difference to my life.”
C. Racine, PhD.

“I never would have believed that working with you my life could change so dramatically! Thanks to your coaching I have been able to reach into my subconscious and find solutions and realisations that have changed both my personal and professional life.  I discovered that, if I was happy in my personal life, my professional life would improve instantly.  I was obsessed with how I believed my company wanted me to be and hadn’t considered who I wanted to be. With your coaching and support I found that person and now I received so much positive feedback in my work life it’s fantastic! I have gone from being a very unhappy person with nothing positive to say about myself and in a potentially difficult position at work whereby it was being considered whether I had a future in the company to a happy person in a new relationship and now considered to be in the top 25% of my peers.”
Lynn D.

“Dear Sue, I would like to thank you for the strong support you provided me this past year. Your understanding and ability to focus me coupled with a good sense of humour ensured that our sessions were fruitful. The goals set at the beginning have nearly all been achieved and the added value of being able to discuss openly my ideas with someone with no axe to grind was of immense value to me. I would recommend your services to anyone looking to make changes in both their personal life as well as business. Many thanks.”
John G., General Manager, Frequentis Ltd.

“Coming to see a life coach stemmed from an unfortunate situation I had found myself in at work with a colleague and mounting stress. What unfolded was a feeling that I could be more confident in the feelings I was having and the choices I was possibly going to have to make after exploring my options in a considered and objective fashion.  In our sessions, where no judgement was made, I was able to speak freely with you about what was going on, what I value, and why it was OK to have the strength of my opinions and desires, not just at work but in my life in general.”
Sam L.

“It’s hard for me to articulate just how much you have helped me over the last few months. I was struggling with many things. You have helped me to shift my perspective on life and work, and get to know, understand and accept myself a lot more. Thank you, Sue!”
Ruth S.

“You have the empathy to understand people’s problems. I particularly appreciate your ‘non-judgemental-ness’ and ‘down-to-earthness’. I find the way you communicate (clearly, firmly as well as with humour) just right for someone like me. You were particularly good at picking me up, dusting me down and then placing me on an illuminated path, making a brighter future ahead. Thank you!”
Maureen A.

“Sue is an inspiration!  She gets the best out of yourself, is encouraging, never puts you down, and makes suggestions to work on to help make the changes you need to make to enhance your life.”
Jill H.

What people say about Sue’s workshops
“Sue is a tremendous teacher teaching from personal and business experience.”
Ernie Porter

“Sue was well-organised and caring.  Much was revealed on this weekend to  help us enrich our lives and relationships.”
Barbara Wiggins

“Sue’s facilitation skills are excellent and she clearly knew what she was talking about.”
Student, MBA programme, Surrey University.

“The programme and Sue’s style of presentation were clear and enjoyable.  I got a lot out of it.”
Student, MBA programme, Surrey University.

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