I just finished reading an article about a woman who gave vent to her frustration when ‘life happened’ by lashing out at people who came anywhere near her.

That got me thinking.

Is there a better way to respond when ‘life happens? Yes, there is!

So how do I handle things when life happens to me – as it is at the moment?

That’s when I noticed I was in ‘poor little me’ mode.

“Why does this always happen to me?” was the question that kept me feeling sorry for myself.

Drowning in self-pity, kicking the proverbial cat or blaming all and sundry does not only cause unnecessary suffering to yourself; they also alienate the people around you.

As for me, there’s little I hate more than feeling helpless and a victim of circumstances beyond my control.

I hate it when I can’t learn from a setback.  Only learning from the experience gives it meaning and the hope that next time I can take a different and more productive approach – and there’s always the next time.

Unfortunately, sometimes, as in this case, there’s nothing to learn.  What to do then?

And this is what I realised.

Sometimes the only thing to do is just to live through the experience.

Instead of asking myself, “Why me?”, a better question would be, “Why not me? Why shouldn’t life happen to me?  Stuff happens to everybody!”

Since wishing it hadn’t happened (because it has) only causes me frustration, a much better thought is, “I’ve been there and I’m still here.”

Are you feeling helpless, angry, frustrated at the unfairness of it all.

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