How To Increase Your Chances of Great Relationships

The 8-Week Workshop from ‘Embrace The True You’

 This workshop is for YOU if you’ve had disappointing or broken relationships.

This workshop is for YOU if you’re currently in a relationship that is disappointing and you want to heal it.

This workshop is for YOU if you’re wondering about whether it’s time to cut your losses and divorce.

This workshop is for YOU if you’ve been divorced for some time and are ready for love.

This workshop is for YOU if you’ve been hurt in past relationships and are too scared to look for love again


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Most important of all, this workshop is for YOU if you want to learn how to develop deep and healthy relationships

We’re offering you an opportunity to invest in your own life by learning to create great friendships and a loving relationship.

Does this sound too good to be true?

Probably. None of it will come easily. Only you can decide what matters to you the most and what you would like to focus on.

What we can promise is that this workshop will open your eyes to what it takes to create the life and relationship you long to have and get you started.

This is the perfect opportunity to heal the cycle of unhealthy relationships and create the future you really want, filled with love.

Limited numbers

We will only accept 8 people to ensure you get our full attention.

The investment is £1,397.  

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If you are unsure about anything or have questions, please contact us via email at

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“I can’t begin to say how you have transformed my life. I now have a new confidence and outlook which have totally changed my way of seeing myself and my life ahead. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a change was possible and I am, and always will be, eternally grateful to you.”  Marianne J. Lucas


This is an 8-week online workshop where we meet every week for 2 hours.

It starts on 26 October from 5-7pm BST

You have several decades ahead of you.
Don’t waste them!