Having socially excluded myself I’d like to talk about what I’ve learned so far.

When news of the virus first broke I was reading everything indiscriminately – and I was
going bananas! I began to feel anxious, scared and helpless.

Fortunately, I got my brain back and this is what I realised…

All the news have one or more of the following characteristics:

The information is factually true, e.g. which countries have the highest death rates,
or that scientists haven’t got a clue about how you actually catch it – or whatever.

Do you really need to know this? Can you do anything about it?

Does it make it make you feel optimistic? Do you find it helpful? Or does it make you
feel scared and anxious?

The information is more speculation than information. The truth is, this is new
territory for everybody, including the experts.

The information is false – either deliberately or through ignorance.
What’s so dangerous is that some of it sounds plausible and can lull you into a false
sense of security.
So this is what I learned. I now keep strictly to very specific sources:

Gov.uk or nhs.co.uk
My local MP – check out yours
My local council – again, check out yours
And I also keep up my connections with people – family, friends, neighbours and members
of groups I belong to either by phone or WhatsApp.

Also, do make sure I spend time in nature but keep at least 2 metres from other people and
do not meet with people from other households.

What are you doing to keep yourself positive? I’d love to hear!