Live Your Best Years Yet

In this six-month coaching programme we’ll work together intensively to transform your experience of close relationships and make the journey towards greater happiness and fulfilment.

Live Your Best Years Yet is based on my system, The Ultimate Conscious Loving Formula.

This system was born from the ashes of my pain, anger and disappointment, and gave it meaning.Love is synonymous with happiness. Love is synonymous with health and wellbeing. Love is synonymous with a long life.

In this program you will discover what role you played in building the relationship you’re experiencing and what to do about it.

You will get to know, like, respect and trust yourself. When you do, you will be able to make choices that really work for you. More than that, you will discover that you’re in safe hands: your own.

You will develop the confidence to engage with your partner and other people in new ways that will enable you to transform your relationships and attract the right people into your life.

You will identify the limiting beliefs that stop you from having your needs and wants met.

Themes in The Programme

This is a process that enables you to build successful relationships where you feel loved, cherished and appreciated. Specifically, you will embark on a journey that explores the following themes.

Your relationship with yourself

You will get to really know yourself, your real needs and wants, what’s really true for you, what really matters to you. You will get to know your Gremlin, otherwise known as your inner negative chatterbox, and how it affects your choices and decisions, and you will discover not only how your thoughts create the reality of your life but also what to do about it. And you will learn not only what needs and wants you need to have met in a relationship for you to be happy, you will also discover those of your partner.

Your relationship with others

You will look at how you allow other people to take you for granted and treat you unkindly, thoughtlessly and, sometimes, unacceptably without you putting a stop to it. In this part of the program you discover how to communicate with another person to enable them to hear you without becoming defensive. And you also learn to engage with them in a different way which makes it easier for them to change the way they treat you.


Next, we explore why friendship is the foundation of a relationship that is solid and long-lasting. This is where you discover the attitudes and behaviours that build the kind of friendship that will support your love relationship well into your old age, enabling you to jointly face the challenges that life sends you.

Emotional intimacy

Here is where you discover what it takes to build the intimacy and passion that can only happen when both you and your partner feel emotionally safe with each other.

What Happens in the Programme

This 6-month programme is a series of structured conversations designed to take you from where you are now to where you want to be – feeling more confident, happier and more fulfilled.

The program involves meeting for between 1 and 1 1/2 hours every two weeks, and you will be asked to do homework that is specifically designed for you.

I will listen to you, challenge you when you stand in your own way or when you send yourself mixed messages, and I will champion you 110%. Not only that, I will be there for you in–between sessions, if you need me.

Depending on your location we will meet face to face or communicate on Skype.

Benefits of Working with Me

Working with a life coach offers a variety of benefits:

  • become more self-aware
  • make better choices and decisions
  • learn to do something different to get different results
  • increase your self-confidence
  • overcome obstacles
  • learn more effective communication skills
  • improve your relationships.

That’s the minimum you should expect from working with a life coach. So what else can you get from working with me?

What People Say About Me

You will learn:
  • the fundamentals of fulfilling relationships
  • to know, like, respect and trust yourself
  • what you need to know that will enable you to recognise the right partner for you
  • what made (and continues to make) my relationship with Paul, my friend, my lover, my soulmate and partner, the man I met when we were both 70 so easy from the very beginning – and how you too can build such a relationship.
I will be there for you in-between sessions, should you need me.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, please book a FREE 30 minutes session below and we’ll arrange a short no-obligation ‘chemistry session’ call to see whether we’re a good fit to work together, explore where you are and answer your questions about the programme.

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