7 ways to thrive in a challenging world

So there we are – or, more accurately, there I am, again.

I thought life had stopping pissing on me but no.  As I said, there I am, again.

Except this time it feels different.

Last time I felt numb, in shock.  It took me a while to recover.

This time, not only am I not in shock, I’m feeling at peace.  I know that I will overcome this latest challenge – in the face of no evidence whatsoever.  Is this hope?

So why the difference?

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What to do when faced with a major setback

OK, so it’s easier said than done.

I write a lot about resilience and about the importance of keeping on keeping on.

Unfortunately, it’s always easier to write about these things when everything is going well or even relatively well.

But I’ve just been struck by a major setback and I’m in a set of shock and fear.  Now what!?

This is how I’m dealing with it.

I find that the biggest thing that is helping me right now comes from Kirsten Neff’s book ‘Self Compassion’.

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The healing power of self-compassion

My ideas and insights about the Gremlin and how to manage it have always had a fundamental role to play when it comes to explaining and dealing with the vast range of our relationships and experiences.

Mostly, I focus on the power of self-awareness because you can’t change any aspect of your life until you come to see how you contribute to that relationship or situation. Seeing it is deeply empowering because, while you cannot change how other people behave, you can change the way you engage, communicate and connect – and that includes your relationship with your Gremlin.

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