What to do when you’re feeling overwhelmed

When you’ve got a cold, the obvious thing to do is to take some cold remedy.

When you can’t sleep, the doctor might prescribe a mild sedative.

Or when you’re constantly tired then the advice is obvious:

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What is self-trust?

Do you trust yourself?

When I first start working with a new client, more than one tends to comment that they don’t really trust their own judgement because they have made so many poor choices in the past.

These comments got me thinking:  What does it really means to trust?

These clients have got one thing right:  it IS about trusting (or not trusting) themselves.  That definitely fits my own experience in the early days.  I tended to hand over decisions about

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Questions I would have liked to have been asked

I’ve recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Woman’s Hour, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

It is impossible, in the brief time, to cover more than the absolute minimum. But it left me wishing we’d had more time and print space to examine the things that, in my opinion, are really important: how did I get from feeling as if I were invisible in my marriage to today, where, now well into my sixties, I’m continually attracting loving and supportive relationships, and working as the Life Enhancing Coach which is deeply rewarding.

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