Money troubles can be scary but there IS a way out

Even though I typically work with women over 50, I’ve noticed lately that I have begun to attract an increasing number of people in financial difficulties, an area I’m familiar with, both professionally and personally.

shutterstock_220562419Mostly, the problem has to do with fear about the future because often, redundancies affect older people so they worry not only about losing the job but whether or not they might find another suitable job – by suitable they mean, similar level and pay. Unfortunately, whether we

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Questions I would have liked to have been asked

I’ve recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Woman’s Hour, The Daily Mail and The Telegraph.

It is impossible, in the brief time, to cover more than the absolute minimum. But it left me wishing we’d had more time and print space to examine the things that, in my opinion, are really important: how did I get from feeling as if I were invisible in my marriage to today, where, now well into my sixties, I’m continually attracting loving and supportive relationships, and working as the Life Enhancing Coach which is deeply rewarding.

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What’s Wrong with Having Expectations? (Part 1)

Expectations are like a double-edged sword – some are absolutely appropriate, even helpful, some are out of date and some are positively harmful.

As clients begin working with me and begin to learn to know themselves better they start to notice their expectations – the ones that work well for them and the ones that don’t.

They not only come to see how they expect to be treated and feel unable to do anything

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