Do you trust yourself? No? Then here’s what you can do

I was on the bus and unintentionally listening to two women talking.  It sounded like a fairly intimate conversation.  Obviously, I did not turn around.

One was telling the other that she’d been offered what sounded like a great job but wasn’t sure whether or not to take it because she’d had made quite a few mistakes in the past and didn’t exactly trust her judgement.

The friend was trying to reassure her.

That got me thinking about self-trust, something that took me years to develop.

For many years my track record left a lot to be desired.

I mean, would you trust somebody who went after a man just to see if she can make him fall in love with her and then married him?

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You made a mistake!

“You made a mistake!”

An accusation.  How do you feel?  Guilty?  Upset?

“I’m worthless!  Useless!”

All these negative feelings well up in you.  You feel hurt, ashamed and angry at yourself.

But stop!  Why this self-destructive reaction?

It probably has to do with

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