Why my friend Jen matters to me

My dear friend Jen came for lunch yesterday or perhaps I should say, ‘our’ dear friend Jen came for lunch yesterday as she has become very dear to Paul too.

Like Bev and Lisa, Jen came into my life when we were both older. That was in November 2015 when I was 70 – one month before I met Paul.

We were both attending a 3-day personal development weekend. There were 150 people in the room. She was sitting in the row right behind me so we would both share our lunch breaks.

We clearly liked each other so here’s the question that intrigues us both.

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What makes Lisa so special

Perhaps it’s that time of the year.  Or perhaps it’s because we met for lunch yesterday.  Whatever the reason, it started me thinking about my friendship with Lisa.

My very first experience of her was of her open heart, generosity and thoughtfulness.

We first met through an online breakfast group many years ago and, at one point, decided to meet and go together to a special women’s event.

We met for coffee and she handed me a wrapped gift.  Inside was one of those beautiful Paperchase notebooks so I could take notes at the event.

To this day, many years later, love, generosity and giving are Lisa’s hallmark.  This is who she is.

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