Musings on the March of Time

My friend and colleague Riana Avis shares with us her reflections on ageing.

I am very fortunate. I have several friends in their sixties and beyond; older than me by ten to fifteen years. Last year, my dad who is 80, got married for the third time. How lovely it is to see him happy as Larry. Both my grandmothers lived well into their eighties.

My heart sings when I hear of an older person still working at age 100, like Jim Clements who still works two days a week at the company he joined as a temp 34 years ago.

Personally, I have set my sights to ninety plus and

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A new model for ageing

Ever since I decided to work with senior and professional people nearing retirement – who are dreading it, I started a process of my own around my own age – 67.  Although nothing in me fits any of the criteria as dictated by social norms such as appearance (I’m blessed with great genes), health and wellbeing, and the way I think and act, I was still wondering “is this it?”

Surveys into the perception

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Are Affairs Just a Bit of Harmless Fun?

I never really thought that affairs were a bit of harmless fun. Nevertheless, what drove me to embark on the two I had in my 37 year long relationship was a deep sense of loneliness. Both men had shown a keen interest in me, listened to me and thought that what I had to say was really interesting. But are affairs just a bit of harmless fun even if they satisfied some of my deepest needs?

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