Does love help prevent accidents?

On Tuesday two weeks ago, just after coming out from my dentist for my regular check-up, I tripped over a raised slab on the pavement and fell heavily on my face.

One of my front teeth was pushed down so it touched my lip.  I was unable to close my mouth, I badly hurt my wrist trying to buffer my fall, I bruised my ribs so it hurt to breathe, and I was generally bruised and sore.

As I lay there, face down, unable to move, a kind soul turned me over gently and, with the help of a second Good Samaritan, they carefully sat me against the wall.  All I could think of at that moment was my tooth, especially since I was less than 5 minutes away from my dentist’s surgery.

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There’s more to hugging than meets the eye

hI love hugging! I know not everybody does but you might like to know that, at least this time, you can enjoy something that is really good for you – not like my favourite pain au chocolat or chocolate ice cream – delicious but sinful.

Non-sexual touch has huge benefits:

Not only can

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The gift of tears

 However much I try to refrain from crying, there always comes a time when I can no longer resist and a storm of tears bursts out of my body.  The intensity of it always, ALWAYS, takes me by surprise, especially because I believe that weeping is part of the healing process.

Love in action

I also know from personal experience that my

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