Why you should have a role model

I remember when I started my very first job in Human Resources.  In those days it was called Personnel Management and I was Assistant Personnel Manager.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to get that job.  The Personnel Manager was a man called Ron.  He looked like Santa Claus and had the kindest face.

Unfortunately, as I discovered, he was also the most racist, sexist and bigoted man I had ever met.  He was also dishonest, controlling and manipulative.  I think that about covers it.

I was green and eager to make a difference.

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What stops you from being true to yourself

shutterstock_189619739A favourite refrain of my parents’ when I wanted to do something or other that didn’t meet with their approval was, “What will the neighbours say?”

The idea that I had to make sure I did nothing that might

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Do you have any idea what impact a kind gesture might have?

hI have a lot to give!

The house my husband and I had lived in for 22 years had finally been sold. At last I could move on from my 37-year marriage. I had already chosen a flat. Everything was going well.

Then my

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Self-sabotage and other destructive behaviours

‘Sabotaging yourself’, ‘letting yourself down’, ‘betraying yourself’ – each of them are very strong expressions. The obvious question would be: “why would we do a thing like that?”.  My answer is “probably because we don’t realise we’re doing it”.  But we do experience the results even though we don’t realise we are the ones who have created it.

Common self-sabotage

So what does it look like when we sabotage

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It’s the season to … revitalise your goals and dreams.

By the time we reach the other side of the Festive Season we usually find that we’ve eaten too much and spent more money than we intended.

Our standard New Year resolutions pop up as they regularly do each New Year: lose weight, stop smoking, do more exercise, get a new job or even a new partner!  In short, get a new life!

This is what I used to do and my best intentions usually fizzled out by around the end of January.  And then, of course, I would beat myself up for being weak-willed.  As it turns out, will has little to do

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