What does it mean to be strong when we’re older?

I’ve always been intrigued by people’s general beliefs around what it means to be strong. They often say words to the effect of it meaning having a ‘stiff upper lip’, not being influenced by emotions, being slightly detached, having a forceful personality. Other words I heard being associated with ‘being strong’ are ‘power’ and ‘might’.

My own interpretation as to what it means to be strong when we’re older is different. Although on the surface this may not be regarded as age related, I believe that it becomes easier as we grow older.

When I was a child my Mum would tell me stories about the time when she and Dad lived in the jungles of Bolivia after escaping the Nazis. One story in particular had a huge impact on me. She would tell me about the time when

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Redundancy: challenge and opportunity

Christmas is such a strange time.  For some people it is an opportunity to spend time with the people they love; for others, it can be a lonely time.

But December is also often the time businesses choose to make people redundant and that can be very scary.

I’ve been made redundant twice in my working life.  Both times were absolutely devastating, the first one because my security blanket had been torn from me and the other was from a job I really loved.

It’s irrelevant whether or not you should have seen it coming and taken steps to protect yourself, find another job or something.  It’s still a very scary time and definitely not the time to

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What is self-confidence?

I’ve always been fascinated by people who are clearly self-confident.  How do you know when you meet a genuinely confident person?  What do you believe they’re like when no-one is looking?  I’ve come across a number of beliefs – or perhaps I should say ‘myths’ – that people hold about those they believe to be confident which used to include me:

They tend to take people at face value and they, therefore, also tend to believe that confident people have got it ‘all together’, that they don’t experience the fears and doubts that we all, on occasion, suffer from.

This is far from the truth.  Yet, there are a number of things that make self-confident people different:

When life throws them

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