How to stay young forever

DSCN0768For some years now I’ve been wondering how come I’ve been feeling so alive pretty much since I turned 60. Now, aged 72, that feeling is even more pronounced! How is this possible when a vast majority of people slow down?
It was an article I read recently that gave me that lightbulb moment:
I discovered there are two reasons:
1. I have a clear goal – something I’m aiming towards that gets me out of bed eager to start my day.
2. I love learning new things – about myself, about other people, about how relationships work, a new skill, even my ongoing love-hate relationship with technology.
It’s the second one that gave me that ‘aha!’ moment.
I realised that learning makes me feel alive even when I’m frustrated. I think, “you’re not going to get the better of me! I will figure it out one way or the other!”
And, you know what? I do, either by googling “how do I…”, or going onto You Tube, ask a friend, read up on it – whatever.
Curiosity keeps us young. More, it opens up new horizons and brings the world into our living room.
Learning is a powerful way to alleviate even loneliness. It will revitalise you even if you’re house-bound.
I found that, once I started, I got hooked!
So, how do you keep young?
Learn something new every day! The older you are, the more important this is.
Shortly after my parents came to England in the late Seventies, my Dad suddenly realised that he’d forgotten something important: he’d forgotten to learn English! So that’s what he went on to do. He was 70 at the time. He lived to see his 80th birthday and the only reason he died so young was, I’m certain, because of cancer.
In 2015, when I was 70, I had a fabulous paragliding holiday in Turkey. I remember noticing at the time that there were 3 kinds of people:
1. Those who went on that holiday because they wanted to do it but backed off at the last minute because they decided they were too scared.
2. Those who were scared but went for it anyway.
3. And me, who embraced the experience whole-heartedly. It was so joyful!
You might like to check out the video on my website.
Which category do you come under?
With love and gratitude,

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