To revitalise your relationship get to know your partner

One of the great things about my relationship with Paul is that it is an on-going source of new insights.

We’ve now been together almost two years and I notice we keep discovering new things about each other. Every time we do, it’s a thrill for both of us.

You might say it’s easy to keep discovering new things when you’re in a fairly new relationship.

And you might add that, when you’ve been together several years, you know each other pretty well, anyway.

I would suggest that this is a false assumption. Hand on heart, do you believe your partner knows everything there’s to know about you? I imagine that’s unlikely.

When was the last time you shared with them something that really mattered to you, something that made you feel happy, something that made you feel sad, something you saw that made you laugh, something you read, something you heard, something you felt. Perhaps you’ve been nourishing a secret dream that you never shared before.

What often holds us back from sharing things that really matters to us is the fear of being judged or rejected, that they’ll say “that’s just silly!” or “why on earth (whatever)?”

As I keep saying, it’s up to you to take the initiative.

Why not suggest a new activity, something you haven’t done before?

As for us, we recently went ballroom dancing! Or rather, I joined him as he’s been going for years! I couldn’t believe it when I actually found myself dancing the waltz in his arms, gliding around the dance floor! And there I was, thinking I had two left feet!

And the latest is, we started playing Scrabble!

OK, so this might not be your kind of thing but the point is, doing fun things together creates a lovely space where talking is easier. You might like to start by asking questions and really listening, and then, share something in return.

You might start seeing each other with fresh eyes!

With love and gratitude



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