It really does take two to tango

Fiona, a new client, was telling me about her relationship.  It was a story that brought up memories of my own marriage all those years ago.

I remember trying all sorts of things that I believed would make Jim love me – something I was never able to achieve.

It was only years later that I finally recognised part of the reason my marriage died.

For a relationship to succeed, it has to be reciprocal.  There has to be give and take.

Like Fiona, I kept giving and giving and giving and getting very little back.  That was one of the reasons I felt unloved.

But it would be unfair to blame Jim exclusively.  I had to ask myself a really hard question, was I in some way partly responsible for the state of my marriage?

Here are some of the insights I discovered:

  1. When he did things for me, I didn’t recognise them as love. That’s because our ways of expressing love were different.
  2. I believed that, if he really loved me, he’d know what I needed.
  3. I’d never given any thought to what I really needed and wanted in my marriage to be happy.
  4. And I most certainly never gave any thought to what he might have needed or

When I finally understood, it was really painful but I now recognise those insights as a genuine treasure trove, a gold mine of knowledge, observations and wisdom I accumulated over the years which I now use to empower Fiona and others engage differently with their partner.

And, in the process, I have empowered myself to do just that with Paul, the love of my life.

You know what they say, better late than never…

With love and gratitude



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