What would make 2018 truly terrific for you?

This is the time of year when we look ahead with hope. Me too but first, I want to look back at 2017.

How did it go? Let me sum it up:

The year started on a pretty horrible note.

My lower back pain was at its worst and painkillers had stopped working.

I was referred to the pain clinic at the hospital and they carried a procedure that involved inserting 10 injections – five on each side of my lower back to inject steroids intended to reduce the pain. The intervention was absolutely excruciating but, what was even worse was that it didn’t work.

“This is the end of the line, ” I thought and truly believed that.  The pain was not only severe but it was there all the time.  Worse still, in my opinion, was that my back had begun to curve.

It was Paul who suggested I try the Alexander Technique which, as it turned out, totally changed the outlook of my life.

I made some pretty serious mistakes – I mean, huge! But, hey, I’m still here.

I discovered ballroom dancing with Paul.  I always believed I had two left feet but, actually, I show some promise.

We discovered Scrabble which I really enjoy even though Paul regularly demolishes me.

I decided to self-publish my book, ‘Open Your Heart: the 7 secrets of strong and loving relationships’. The learning curve was really steep with more than my fair share of frustrations and setbacks but I made it! It’s now on Amazon and getting 5* reviews! I’d never would have guessed…

Paul told me he didn’t want us to be ‘just’ friends, lovers and soulmates – he wanted us to acknowledge that we’re partners. He said we’re a team – and we are!

The online book launch I’d planned so carefully had to be rescheduled, interviews where technology failed over and over again – but I (and Marva and I respectively) persisted until we made it happen.  It didn’t always go perfectly.  My Facebook Live event showed me lying on my side – but I decided to make a joke out of it and enjoy myself anyway.

People came into my life who decided to support me in my mission – at no cost, people who are absolutely amazing, truly generous and open-hearted.

Just as amazing, over the last few weeks I noticed that my back is straight again but I have noticed that I need to remain aware of my bad habits as it’s far too easy to regress.  Still, on a scale of 1 – 10, I’ve experienced days with ZERO pain!!! The first time I noticed I burst into sobs of gratitude!  I felt totally overwhelmed with thankfulness!

And I just finished writing my new free e-book called ‘Grow Your Confidence And Fabulous Relationships Will Follow’ that has just been uploaded though my website is still under construction for another week or so.

What would make 2018 truly amazing for me?

  • Top of the list is having Paul by my side
  • Keep improving my health
  • Learning lots of new things
  • Creating new products and finding new ways of connecting and making a difference
  • Deepening my current friendships and developing new ones

Without a shadow of a doubt I’m starting 2018 at a much higher level than I did 2017 with lots of wonderful and fun things to look forward to – from a course in ballroom dancing for beginners to developing new products including a new webinar, continuing to deepen my relationship with Paul, and looking forward to meeting new people plus – who knows?

The one thing I do know is that, whatever life chooses to send me – good, bad or indifferent – with my wonderful partner by my side I can handle anything at all!

What would make 2018 truly terrific for you?


With love and gratitude,



P.S.  My third book, ‘Open Your Heart: The 7 Secrets Of Strong And Loving Relationships’ is now on Amazon and getting 5* reviews!

P.P.S.  I help women grow their self-confidence so they can build fabulous relationships.

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Grow Your Confidence and Fabulous Relationships will Follow