I’m looking for happy couples for my next book!

Hello everybody!

It occurred to me that, when it comes to sharing with you what I learned that does and does not work in a relationship, I’ve turned to my own experience.

While this is a valid approach, I’ve decided to make my next book about you because, obviously, mine isn’t the only way.

I’m keen to to hear from those of you who have been happily married for at least 20 years and learn about (and share) your experience of how you built your relationship so that it stood the test of time.

More details below:

‘The Makings of Happy Coupledom:  Happy couples tell their story

Purpose of book

To interview couples who have been happily married for a minimum of 20 years and find out why their marriage has thrived over the years.


The interview will be more like a conversation with a few questions to maintain the focus.

Ground rules

Couples will be interviewed separately.

In the book the interviews will be anonymous.

The interviews will be recorded for the purpose of transcription only.

Pre-interview discussion covering the following:

Explain/reiterate the purpose of the interview.

The issues covered in the ground rules (see above)

I will ask interviewees to sign a form agreeing for the interview to be used in my book.

I will send the interviewee the transcript in advance for approval.

Participant questions

If you have any questions or wish to participate, please send me a text on 07903 795027 or email to sue@sueplumtree.com

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