I have changed my brand

DSCN0768This blog to let you all know that I have made some changes to my brand or the way I describe myself.

After long reflection about exactly what I do and who I like to work with I have decided to go for ‘The Over 50’s Love Specialist’.

The reason I chose to go with ‘The Love Specialist’ is because that’s what I specifically focus on – first, on building and strengthening your love for yourself and only then on your relationships with others.

That’s why I spend a lot of time with my clients enabling them to get to really know themselves since most of them don’t.  This is followed by showing them how to get to like themselves.  Again, far too many don’t which is also why they don’t really trust themselves either.

As a result, they make choices out of habit; they stick to a pattern that doesn’t work for them and that produce, at best, mixed results.

Some of those results may not cause too much damage other than disappointment and frustration but others can be deeply damaging, for example, when it comes to choosing the people they want in their life.

Here’s an example:

Last week I spent a couple of hours with my friend Amy who had just met a man on a dating site.  They had met a few times and she really liked him so we met for coffee and a chat, which I expected to be friendly and casual.

Instead, even though we’d never met before, he went on to talk at great length about how depressed he was because his life was such a mess.  He went on to tell me about the divorce he’s fighting, the fact that he doesn’t trust women, the fact that he really isn’t looking for a relationship – practically without stopping for breath and with Amy sitting right there, next to him.

What struck me was that he had not one single nice thing to say about anybody, not the people at work, not friends, nor anybody else in his life.

But what, to me, was even worse, was that, all the time he was talking, he practically looked only at me and only rarely included Amy in the conversation/monologue.  And even worse than that was that he never said anything about that the only great thing that had happened to him in a long time was meeting my friend.

Now, he might not see it as a wonderful thing but, as the relationship was quite new, I would have expected that, just the novelty itself, would have been a positive experience.

Next day Amy rang me and told me that he usually is a lot of fun and that he had a bad day.

Now, Amy is my friend, not my client, so I won’t go into details of our conversation but she’s never been particularly confident about herself as a woman, and the men she attracts do not really value her.

Sadly, she’s not all that different from thousands of other women, including me.

When I first met Jim who was 30 at the time, he’d never had a relationship of any kind and the only friend he had was a pen-pal.

Instead of running a mile I told myself, as probably thousands and thousands of women have in the history of the world, that he was just waiting for the right woman and that woman was me.

Is it any surprise that the relationship didn’t work out?  I’d say that the surprise is that I stayed as long as I did.

So, back to my new brand:  ‘The Over 50’s Love Specialist’.

As you know, my passion is to enable women get to really know themselves, like themselves and learn to make choices that really work for them.

And, because I truly know what does not work in a relationship and what it takes to build one that is loving, supportive and caring, I believe ‘Love Specialist’ is exactly what I am.



P.S.  I enable women build successful relationships, first with themselves and then with others.  That’s because your relationship with yourself shapes all your other relationships.

I enable women build relationships that are solid and durable and, especially, relationships where they experience caring and intimacy.

If this is what you want too, call me on 020 8940 7056 or email me on sue@sueplumtree.com for a FREE one hour exploratory conversation.

P.P.S.  Trouble spots may start small and appear to be trivial, not worth mentioning but, if not addressed, they can create distance between you – irrespective of whether it’s with your partner, a family member or a friend.

To find out how to deal with them as and when they come up, contact me for a FREE one hour exploratory conversation using the details mentioned above.



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