Here’s what to do when life happens

I’m currently working on a new programme to develop mental fitness in university students and it occurred to me that we would all benefit from some of the tools and resources I will be offering them.

There are several sub-headings that come under the general term of mental fitness some of which I’ve been talking about for a long time such as, in this case, getting yourself worked up at things you can do nothing about.

Only yesterday I had the opportunity to practise what I preach.

This is what happened.

My partner, Paul, and I had planned to go to an exhibition at Brunel University and had agreed to meet at Heathrow Airport bus station so we could continue the rest of the journey together.

To get there I had to take the bus from Richmond to Hammersmith, a journey that should have taken me roughly 20 minutes.  There I was to change to the underground for the rest of the journey.

We were going to meet at Heathrow bus station at around 5:00 and I had left home with plenty of time.  Piece of cake, right?

As it turned out, one and a half hours later the bus had only progressed less than halfway to Hammersmith.

Traffic was tail to nose for as far as the eye could see.  A water main had burst and we weren’t going anywhere any time soon.

After going backwards and forwards on our mobile, Paul and I agreed I would get off at the next bus stop and take the bus home – except the traffic was just as bad.

So this is the sequence of events.

Paul is waiting for me but I’m stuck in this stupid traffic!

I’m beginning to realise that, if he waits for me much longer, he will miss the event too.

Time to make a decision but, even with all the evidence to the contrary, I’m still hoping traffic will ease.

The traffic does not ease and it doesn’t look as if it will.

I think, “F…k!!!  OK, I better call him again and tell him to go ahead on his own.”  We argue.  I win.

We agree I should throw in the towel and make my way back.  I get off at the next bus stop but the traffic back is just as bad.  It looks like it’ll take me another hour and a bit.

So here are my options.

I can feel angry and frustrated that an evening Paul and I had been looking forward to was spoiled by something as stupid as traffic.

I decided not to.  Instead this is what I did instead.

I went to a pub that just happened to be there, waiting for me.  I sat in the warmth, had a ginger beer and read my book for an hour.

Then I sailed home.

So this is the point.

Getting upset about things you can do nothing about is about as useful as trying to dance the tango on one leg so STOP IT!

With love and gratitude,



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