Why giving without being willing to receive kills love

DSCN0768Over the years I’ve met far too many people who resist receiving help, favours, compliments, gifts – never mind asking for anything, even when they need the support!

I was one of them until I was diagnosed with breast cancer and was in a situation where I had no option but to ask for a particular favour.

You should have seen me, looking at my phone, overwhelmed with fear and resistance.

But, since I had no choice, I made the call, asked for this favour and my friend replied, in a heart-beat, “of course!”

That was my first experience of asking for help after a life-time of actively rejecting offers of help with a grateful smile and a firm, “how kind of you but there’s no need. I’ve got it sorted. Thanks anyway!”

This is what I learned:

It’s not enough to give.

Giving and receiving are both a way of expressing love. By refusing to ask for and accept help when offered I was denying people the experience of offering love.


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