7 ways to thrive in a challenging world

So there we are – or, more accurately, there I am, again.

I thought life had stopping pissing on me but no.  As I said, there I am, again.

Except this time it feels different.

Last time I felt numb, in shock.  It took me a while to recover.

This time, not only am I not in shock, I’m feeling at peace.  I know that I will overcome this latest challenge – in the face of no evidence whatsoever.  Is this hope?

So why the difference?

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5 Ways to rediscover your love for your partner

You may have been feeling dissatisfied in your relationship focusing on all the kinds of things that irritate you about your partner and everything that’s missing but has it occurred to you that you can change all that, that you can – if you’re willing – rediscover your love for your partner?

Believe it or not, that’s a choice, a decision you can make right here, right now.

Chances are that it’s not just you who’re feeling unappreciated, taken for granted, hurt and resentful, that your partner feels as you do with neither one of you having felt able to express your feelings in such a way that the other can hear.

Chances are that your habits of criticising, defending, blaming and going on the counter-attack have led you to this place where you’re both feeling unloved and perhaps even lonely in your relationship.

If you’ve had enough then this is your chance to change things by doing something different:

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Do you have any idea what impact a kind gesture might have?

hI have a lot to give!

The house my husband and I had lived in for 22 years had finally been sold. At last I could move on from my 37-year marriage. I had already chosen a flat. Everything was going well.

Then my

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How the power of kindness can transform your life

It was always important to me to make a difference in some way but, most of the time, I just didn’t know how.

Then I met Helen. I’d gone to a workshop in London and Helen happened to be sitting next to me. I never felt particularly comfortable in large groups so I developed a strategy to cover me during the breaks.  I’d amble to the window and looked out, pretending to be absorbed by the view.

But this time was different. When the break was announced, Helen turned to me and asked “would you like a glass of water?” Nothing special or 

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Can You Make a Difference? (Part 1)

When I first came across this question many years ago my reaction was “No, I can’t. How could I? It’s just me and nothing I do will make any difference.”

But that was then and this is now. Now I know better.

The first time I realised I can make a difference was when I was doing tele-selling. I was feeling resentful that financial circumstances forced me to do a job I despised. I told myself I was meant for better things!

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