If you want to rekindle a relationship, try this

Feeling invisible can be very debilitating. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to feel unseen, unheard, even unloved?

shutterstock_176813414This feeling of being invisible often seems to strike once women in particular retire.

I recently started working with Sonia (not her real name). Sonia is 71, her husband is 74 and they’ve been married 41 years.

When we

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Are you the invisible woman?

Sounds like the title of one of those old films, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing frivolous about the question.

When some of my older female clients start working with me, they often say the same thing, “Now that I’m retired, I seem to have become invisible!”. How does one become an invisible woman when, before they retired, they were out there, making a contribution, making a difference?

I have a lot to give!
I have a lot to give!

I have a friend, a very special woman. She’s vibrant, alive, USEFUL! She also has a close family and loving friendships. She’s 87 years of age. She told me recently, that there were some people

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