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Open Your Heart: The 7 secrets of strong and loving relationships

In this book, Sue Plumtree, author, life coach and story teller, reveals the 7 secrets that will enable you to build a strong and loving relationship.

Amongst other things, you will discover how to:

  1. get to like, respect and trust yourself,
  2. identify your deepest needs and wants, and how to have them met,
  3. find the right partner and build a committed relationship,
  4. develop a relationship that lasts,
  5. communicate so you and your partner become emotionally close.

The most important point she makes is that, first and foremost, you need to open your heart to yourself.

Dancing with The Mask: learning to love and be loved

My book ‘Dancing with the Mask: learning to love and be loved’ tracks how I re-created every aspect of my life with the help and support of Alan, the man who became my life coach. He showed me that there was another way to live, an experience so profound I feel compelled to share it as widely as possible.

Across a Crowded Room: how to find and keep the love of your life

What is our deepest desire? What do we want more than anything else in the world, irrespective of our sex, age, nationality, colour, state of health or how rich or poor we are? The answer is we want to love and to be loved, we want to feel close to someone special, to feel known, accepted and cared for.

Is it because being in love is so exciting? … There is no doubt that … being in love is one of life’s greatest thrills. … This is a terrific beginning but, as you no doubt know, the fever cools. If we’re lucky – and in this book I will show you how to become lucky – what remains is a deep, fulfilling and enduring love, the kind of love that enables us to show that person that they truly matter to us and, hopefully, we will know that we truly matter to them too.

This book is a unique guide that throws light on each step of the way.

This was my first book, published way back. It’s hard to find now, but you may be able to get a copy via Amazon.

What Other People Say About Sue Plumtree

“I can’t begin to say how you have transformed my life. I now have a new confidence and outlook which have totally changed my way of seeing myself and my life ahead. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that such a change was possible and I am, and always will be, eternally grateful to you.”
Marianne J. Lucas
“There were many tears shed and I managed to work my way through plenty of tissues and cups of tea but Sue’s warm and safe environment helped me to open up. Our sessions forced me to put essential time aside to reflect on all aspects of my life and create a good equal and organised balance. It was what I really needed!”
Philippa C.

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