Are you playing small?

I can fly - and so can you!

What story do you tell yourself about yourself?  If you’re not sure, then pay attention to your Gremlin, that inner critical chatterbox that is with you 24/7.  “I just haven’t got what it takes!”, “I can’t believe it! I’ve done it again! How stupid can I be?”, “I’m too old”, “It’s hopeless!”, “It’s just not fair!”, and so on – and on.  And on.  Are you telling yourself a victim story or are you telling yourself a hero story?

Are you

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The secret that will change your life

It wasn’t until I started my coaching training that I first came across the Gremlin.  Actually, I had always been on familiar terms with this monster; I just didn’t have a name for it.  Over time I developed ideas and processes to help manage it in an effort to understand and deal with relationships and experiences that were deeply disappointing.

Self-compassion enhances love both for yourself and others

Some of the

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Scared of conflict? Here’s how to manage it

As a child it was explicitly drummed into me that I was dependent on other people’s goodwill for my emotional, even physical survival.  As a result, I learned to do whatever it took to get people to like me so it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that I was absolutely terrified of conflict.  Standing up for myself was definitely not


one of my skills.  I allowed people to treat me in ways that were careless, thoughtless and sometimes even hurtful or offensive because

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The number one lie: “it’s their fault!”

Gloria approached me initially because she was feeling resentful and angry with her partner.  He wasn’t doing his fair share at home despite the fact that both had responsible full time jobs.  She’d ask him to do something, she said, and nothing happened.  In the end she had to resort to nagging and she was also

"It's your fault!" "Well, you started it!"

angry with him for turning her into a nag – which is how she put it.

I recognised that Gloria felt helpless trying to get her partner to do things she

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Why feeling safe and secure is bad news

You’d think that feeling safe and secure is something to be cherished and, I have to admit, I used to think the same.  But, to use a cliché, too much water has passed under the bridge or, to put it another way, I have experienced too much to keep on believing that.  This is where my reflections, explorations and experiences have taken me:

One of the main obstacles I used to place before me was the need to

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Could you possibly be creating your own reality?

When I first met Alan, the man who became my life coach he said to me:  “when you change, your whole life will change.”  As I went on to discover, he was absolutely right but not as I imagined it.  Here’s what I learned:

It’s absolutely true that I was able to create amazing new circumstances and relationships and that, of course, affected the way I perceived my reality. But that was

See how fit I am?

just the tip of the iceberg.

Too many times

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Regrets? I don’t plan to have any!

There’s a signature song sang by Edith Piaff  ‘je ne regrette rien’ – ‘I regret nothing’.  What an amazing way to live!  What an amazing place to be when you reach the end of your life!

The first 6-1/2 months (I thought I’d be really precise) of this year have been really challenging for me, and I was feeling dejected and discouraged with some

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Growing older happily

I'm happier than I imagined!

A couple of weeks ago, Femail and totally4women joined forces to investigate Women and Retirement.  I was struck by the flood of comments sharing the pain and loneliness, even lack of purpose and meaning that struck so many of them once they retired.  From having been dynamic contributors they found – an empty void.

I might be wrong but I thought I sensed

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What to do when a financial crisis hits home

As a life coach I have all kinds of people coming to me but I noticed lately that I have begun to attract an increasing number of people in financial difficulties an area I’m familiar with, both personally and professionally.

Some of my clients, for example, have heard rumours of redundancy and have scared themselves into a standstill, unable to think.

"What on earth am I going to do!"

Most of them are in their late forties or early fifties – a difficult age when you are employed and perhaps about to lose your job.  Whether we like it or not, we live in an ageist society. 

The first thing

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How to be happy

So much beauty!

One universal need people share is the desire to be happy but they might not put it quite this way. Instead, they may say “I want to win the lottery!” or “I want to find my soulmate!” or “I want to do something I love!” or the countless other things people believe will make them happy.
I remember once, reading an article about happiness and the writer asked the question, “who or what makes you happy?”. “What

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