One of the saddest things about some long term relationships is that they stop seeing each other or, worse, see only the things that irritate them about each other.  Like that saying, “familiarity breeds contempt”.

shutterstock_220880782-300x199But I think it’s not ‘familiarity’ that breeds contempt. (more…)

I have recently completed my six-months programme with Suzanne, a self-employed Pilates teacher.

She originally contacted me because, about a month before she called me, two relationships started going badly wrong.

dreamstime_xs_18941691-300x213That meant that her confidence in her own judgement had taken a serious knock.  (more…)

How to age disagracefully

Posted by Sue Plumtree on May 16, 2016
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One of the things that strikes me as I grow older is how varied that experience is from person to person.

shutterstock_219941209-300x225I’ve noticed that many people begin to worry about it as early as in their fifties.


One of the things that became clear to me as I continue to learn and to grow is that this is a process that will last until the day I die.

dreamstime_xs_15425794-300x300The other thing that is clear to me is that, when I stop learning, when I stop (more…)

One might say that, being only one year and a few weeks into my 7th decade, is a little early to start assessing it.

dreamstime_xs_23579205-300x210It’s just that, so far it’s going so well – I think I would go as far as saying pretty (more…)

I recently started wondering about the word ‘judgemental’ because it’s usually interpreted as being a negative thing to be.

dreamstime_xs_22506591-300x225_002I see it differently.  I believe we all – every single one of us – is judgemental or, in (more…)

 The whole subject of relationships is one that really fascinates me – the more I find out about what works and what doesn’t work, the more questions come up for me.

dreamstime_xs_12274919-300x292One of the problems in long term relationships is that we no longer really see each (more…)

How to deal with grief

Posted by Sue Plumtree on April 11, 2016
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When you think of grief, the first thought tends to go to losing somebody you love – a partner, a family member or a friend.

shutterstock_111817763But death is not the only loss that causes us to grieve.  You can (more…)

Looking back to when I first met Jim, my husband, I realise that the main reason I was attracted to him was mainly because he seemed to have no expectations about how I should be – nothing like my Dad.

flowers_poppy_red_flower_238895-300x224In those, being accepted for who I was meant everything to me because (more…)

How to deal with loss

Posted by Sue Plumtree on March 28, 2016
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Loss can hit at any time.  Sometimes it feels as we’d been struck by a bolt of lightning.

My Dad died aged 80 in 1988.  The cause of death was cancer combined with old age.  I was blessed in that I was able to hold him in my arms as he died.

dreamstime_xs_14021738-300x200I remember that my main feeling, apart from loss and deep sadness, was tenderness and a sense of completion.  I was 43 and my Mum was 71.

The one thing (more…)

The last couple of weeks felt like I was riding a tiger holding on to the tail for dear life. Does this analogy chime with you?

shutterstock_111817763A better one is probably the one of riding a rollercoaster because I (more…)

I’m always going on about how important it is to live the third stage of your life to the absolute fullest but what does that mean and how do you get to live those years?

GOPR1113-300x225As passionate as I am about this, I think I have (more…)