Knowing myself transformed my life – how did that happen?

Posted by Sue Plumtree on February 01, 2016
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One of the things about living on automatic pilot is that you have no idea you’re doing it – I certainly didn’t.

The other thing I didn’t know was what the consequences of living on automatic pilot were.

shutterstock_220749814-215x300It was only when I started being coached that I discovered that I was, unintentionally, (more…)

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. True or false?

Posted by Sue Plumtree on January 25, 2016
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DSCN0942I think the answer to the question, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks – true or false?” is, (more…)

Discover how to make everybody feel loved!

Posted by Sue Plumtree on January 18, 2016
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Living a joyful and meaningful life is one of my greatest aspiration. There are many ways to do that, depending, of course, on what gives joy and meaning to your life.

20150822_162644One of the things I notice about me is that it’s not enough (more…)

What does it mean to keep your word?

Posted by Sue Plumtree on January 11, 2016
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I was brought up to be reliable and keep promises. It wasn’t until recently that I was faced with a very different question:

“Do I make – and keep – promises I make to myself?”

The answer made me feel most uncomfortable. It’s true that I’m meticulous about keeping promises, especially the ones I make to others which is, obviously, a good thing. It has always been important to me that people regarded me as dependable.

shutterstock_111817763But, what about (more…)

How to create happiness

Posted by Sue Plumtree on January 04, 2016
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A couple of days ago I had an interesting experience.

I was going through a rather challenging time and going all around the houses getting myself into a real state. This had been going on for several weeks.

homebannerAnd then, about a week ago, I had a very pleasant experience, one that (more…)

Happy New Year! Here’s how you get to live your best years yet

Posted by Sue Plumtree on December 28, 2015
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I’m always going on about how important it is to live the third stage of your life to the absolute fullest but what does that mean and how do you get to live them?

As passionate as I am about this, I think I have taken even myself by surprise at the way my 70th year is unfolding.

I’ve enrolled on a business development programme, I’ve started a new u3a group called ‘Come Lunch with Me’ (huge fun!), I’m soaking up new learning like a sponge and, the highlight of the first year of my 7th decade was my holiday in (more…)

How to achieve your dreams

Posted by Sue Plumtree on December 21, 2015
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shutterstock_63866632Far too many of us live aimless lives. We’re busy, yes. Some of us are busier than others but being busy doesn’t necessarily mean that we have accomplished anything meaningful.

One of the greatest insights I’ve recently come across was a definition of ‘success’. I used to believe that success meant accomplishing something specific. This one was very different:

“Success is the progressive realisation of a meaningful objective.”

Even more interesting was (more…)

Money troubles can be scary but there IS a way out

Posted by Sue Plumtree on December 14, 2015
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Even though I typically work with women over 50, I’ve noticed lately that I have begun to attract an increasing number of people in financial difficulties, an area I’m familiar with, both professionally and personally.

shutterstock_220562419Mostly, the problem has to do with fear about the future because often, redundancies affect older people so they worry not only about losing the job but whether or not they might find another suitable job – by suitable they mean, similar level and pay. Unfortunately, whether we (more…)

I remember the first time this thought popped into my head: my stomach clenched with anxiety. I imagine this is a common reaction amongst us people pleasers or, as I prefer to call myself, recovering people pleaser.

shutterstock_63866632Just the idea of deliberately doing something that might displease somebody scared the hell out of me. In those days, the thought of rocking the boat felt threatening.

But here’s the thing, many of us reach a point when the status quo is no longer an option because we finally know we (more…)

The first time I experienced being truly listened to, heard and understood was when I was doing my coaching training. We would be put in groups of three – the coach, the client and the observer, and then take it in turns so that everybody got experience with one of the roles.

hThat short experience was awesome – I had never experienced anything like it before.

Over the years I’ve noticed that few people actually listen to each other. It’s even worse when they’re in a fight. Then they both shout over each other. Nothing gets resolved and both parties end (more…)

Feeling invisible can be very debilitating. I can’t begin to imagine what it must be like to feel unseen, unheard, even unloved?

shutterstock_176813414This feeling of being invisible often seems to strike once women in particular retire.

I recently started working with Sonia (not her real name). Sonia is 71, her husband is 74 and they’ve been married 41 years.

When we (more…)

shutterstock_189619739A favourite refrain of my parents’ when I wanted to do something or other that didn’t meet with their approval was, “What will the neighbours say?”

The idea that I had to make sure I did nothing that might (more…)