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Do you know how to be happy?

Posted by Sue Plumtree on September 26, 2016
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 About 12 years ago, as I came to the end of a particular stage of my journey which involved leaving my marriage of 37 years and which ended when I moved into my new home, I remember sitting or, rather, DSCN0768flopping on my settee, totally exhausted and feeling a bit depressed. (more…)

DSCN0768This week I want to write about a really important subject:  how to be (more…)

DSCN0768Among the various topics suggested to me, one was the importance of listening to (more…)

DSCN0768I recently received an email asking me to address a different topic which I’m doing (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659One of the most interesting things I’ve discovered since Paul and I found (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659I usually write a blog when I’ve gone through some challenge and emerged (more…)

I normally write when I’m on the other side which is when I’ve learned something or had a new insight but this is not the case here.

dreamstime_xs_66434659My back pain has worsened in the last 6 weeks and, so far, nothing is (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659I want to live to a ripe old age, especially now that I have so much to live (more…)

My relationship with Paul seems to be moving forwards step-by-step in distinct stages.

dreamstime_xs_66434659I’ve noticed that each move is preceded by some explicit statement, for (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659Since I started my relationship with Paul I discovered something seriously (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659Before I write a blog I usually ask myself, “Sue, what do you know?” (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659I’m having a wonderful time with Paul.  I’m already thinking about next (more…)