dreamstime_xs_66434659I usually write a blog when I’ve gone through some challenge and emerged (more…)

I normally write when I’m on the other side which is when I’ve learned something or had a new insight but this is not the case here.

dreamstime_xs_66434659My back pain has worsened in the last 6 weeks and, so far, nothing is (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659I want to live to a ripe old age, especially now that I have so much to live (more…)

My relationship with Paul seems to be moving forwards step-by-step in distinct stages.

dreamstime_xs_66434659I’ve noticed that each move is preceded by some explicit statement, for (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659Since I started my relationship with Paul I discovered something seriously (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659Before I write a blog I usually ask myself, “Sue, what do you know?” (more…)

dreamstime_xs_66434659I’m having a wonderful time with Paul.  I’m already thinking about next (more…)

shutterstock_116298694I’m watching Paul.  He’s fixing something and seems immersed in the task. (more…)

If you’d been with me on 30 October 1965, you would have found me at the Goethe Institut in London.  There’s a concert scheduled this evening.  The room is small – more like a very large meeting room and DSCN0768it has no stage.  The instruments are all set up – this evening it’s going to be a quartet (more…)

DSCN0767If you’d been with me that Wednesday, 2 December last year, like me, you would never (more…)

As I was in the process of leaving my 37 year old marriage, I asked myself “will I ever find love?” though I don’t know why I bothered to ask myself that question since I ‘knew’ the answer would be “no”.

dreamstime_xs_12274919-300x292_002And then, last November, having turned 70 that March, I met a man I really liked. (more…)

The power of acceptance

Posted by Sue Plumtree on June 13, 2016
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I grew up in a home where my parents truly loved each other. My Mum looked up to my Dad and he would often tell me what a wonderful companion she was.

dreamstime_xs_12274919-300x292One of the things he used to do was write her a little love notes, for no reason. Mum kept (more…)