Are you due to retire? If so, here’s how NOT to do it

If you’re due to retire it is because you have chosen to do so.  However, that doesn’t mean you won’t experience anxiety – what will it be like?  The uncertainty can be stressful and draining.

In my conversations with people in the same situation I’m struck by how many suddenly become very busy.  They tell me they have to tie loose ends; that they don’t want to leave a mess, that they have to hand over to their successor, that they have to train them from scratch.

The extent of their denial of the reality of their circumstances, even though it was their choice, is worrying.  It is worrying because they will go from all this activity to – nothing. No more meetings, no more responsibilities, no more structure, no more point in getting up in the morning, no longer needed.  The shock to the system will hit them hard.

Some tell themselves that they’ve worked hard all of their lives and are now entitled to travel, play golf and generally have a good time.

What they tend to forget (or try not to think about) is that they’re likely to live another 20 or 30 years.

That’s why I beg you, don’t wait until retirement is just around the corner.  Start planning the next stage of your life right now!

Here are a few questions you might like to ask yourself:

  • What would you like to do if you knew you couldn’t fail and money were not a problem?
  • If you only had one day to live, what would you regret not having done?

And here’s something else I want to remind you of:

You have a lot more to offer in terms of knowledge, skills, life experience and wisdom than you realise.  After all, throughout your working life in the corporate world, you only used a fraction, just enough to fulfil your role.

This is the time for you to start creating a life that really suits you, a life that is enjoyable and rewarding.  If you start now, you are in charge of your own destiny.  How empowering is that!


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