To celebrate my friendship with Bev

Today I feel compelled to write about my friendship with my dearest friend Bev.

The reason she’s on my mind is that today we’re meeting for lunch and spending time with her is always such a joy.

Bev and I met about 10 years ago when I was 63 or so.  The reason I mention this is because I’m always hearing people say how hard it is to make friends when you’re older but this is not at all my experience!

In fact, I met all of my friends (male and female) who have become really close since I turned 60.

But back to Bev.

I was looking back and thinking of how much she’s enriched my life, not just emotionally but practically as well.

Bev is a true Renaissance woman with diverse talents and gifts one of which is as a Story Archeologist where she helps business people find the gold in their life, the things we take for granted and can’t even see.

That’s what she found in me.  Gold.

And here’s the thing.

Without Bev I wouldn’t be a storyteller, I wouldn’t be able to look into my life and find stories to inspire others.  And without her, I wouldn’t be a columnist with Goldie magazine!  Yay!

So thanks, Bev!  You are my inspiration!

Friendships matter.  They can enable you to find out who you are (more than you believe) – and who you are not (less than you are).

With love and gratitude



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