If you’re suffering, this may be why – and here’s what you can do about it

I recently noticed that I have more days when my back is really hurting – not as bad as it used to but it’s noticeable.

When I mentioned this to Bernie, my Alexander Technique therapist, she told me that my scoliosis was going to get worse as I grow older.

I remember when I first started working with her about 18 months ago.

My back had become more bent and I was so angry at my body! I felt it had betrayed me!

But, last week, when she alerted me to what might happen in the future, I felt totally at peace.

And here’s the thing.

Paul and I continue to go out for short walks. He thinks of places to go that I might enjoy, like parks and greens with enough benches where I can sit and rest before continuing. Best of all, I feel happy!

How is this possible?

I think the difference for me grew from my Buddhist chanting that quietened my turbulent mind and, especially, my resistance to what I was experiencing.

I used to wail (inside my head) “Why is this happening to me!”, “This is awful! I’m going to be helpless and disabled!”

Did I tell you I’m a bit of a drama queen?

If chanting is not for you, you can try meditation or mindfulness to still your Gremlin – those negative thoughts that used to scare the hell out of me and fill me with self-pity and resentment.

What I noticed is that when I still my scary thoughts, I have the clarity to decide how best to deal with a particular situation.

In my case, I continue with my Alexander Technique.  I could easily tell myself, “this isn’t working! What’s the point!”  but, instead, I told myself, “if I didn’t carry on, things could be much worse!”

The pain you’re experiencing doesn’t have to be physical; it can also be emotional. It’s usually wishing things were not as they are that causes our suffering.

When we accept what is actually happening, we have the inner peace and clarity to think of how best to deal with the situation.

If there’s nothing we can do about it, then wishing it were different will not make any difference.

The only thing that will brings inner peace is acceptance.

With love and gratitude



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