How to wake up to what matters to you the most

Every week, I record one of Paul’s and mine favourite weekly television dramas.

So here we are, ready to start watching – or, at least, I am.

Paul’s looking pensive and distracted so I thought I’d wait for him to refocus.  Instead, he does something else.

He starts talking about techie stuff that I know is very close to his heart and which takes up a lot of his time, effort and attention.

My mind’s half on the programme I thought we were going to watch, and I start feeling a little impatient and put out.

Paul doesn’t notice and continues to speak until I begin to listen more carefully.

It’s then that I realise that the techie stuff he’s talking about goes much deeper – he’s actually baring his soul to me.  He’s trusting me with something really important to him.

When he finishes, he looks cleansed.  He tells me how glad he is to be able to tell me these things, and how those thoughts had been building up until he felt he had no option but to express them.

I can’t tell you how deeply this moved me and how much closer this brought us.

So here’s the thing.

I like listening to him.  I like hearing about the techie challenges he’s wrestling with.

The problem for me this time was the timing – I was ready to do something I thought we both were – then realised he wasn’t as ready as I thought.

Sometimes the timing may not work but this what I realised.

I nearly put his need – the need of the man I love – behind a stupid television programme!

How often do we act thoughtlessly without even realising we’re pushing away what we love the most!

So, stop whatever you’re doing – physically and mentally – and start paying attention to what – and who – really matters.  The rewards are off the scale!

With love and gratitude



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