Use baby steps and achieve your dreams!

It is the end of the week and I was thinking about how little I had achieved.

Last Friday I completed my biggest project so far – developing a workshop for Surrey University – and sent it in.  Now I’m been feeling a bit aimless.  “What next?”, I wonder.

My ‘to-do’ list for this week was unusually short and so, the end of the week arrives and I’m thinking how little of any use I’ve actually done.

It then occurred to me to look back and this is what I noticed.

Earlier this month I’d written an article about sex in later years for Goldie magazine, a new magazine due to be launched in October.

A baby step!

The editor sent me an email saying, “It’s brilliant!” – How fabulous is that!

I was thrilled and told my friend Jon about it.  He replied.  “The article could be just the beginning.  It could actually be an opportunity for you to establish yourself.”

I thought that was an intriguing comment but had no idea what to do with it so I did what I normally do when I don’t know something:

I turned to the internet.

I discovered that, if I were accepted as a regular contributor, my visibility and credibility would grow significantly.  I decided to ask my friend Bev how I might go about it.  Her passion is to show people like me how to become more visible so I thought she was the perfect person to ask.

Bev suggested I think about exactly what I wanted to offer which, in my case, is articles about relationships.  “That’s far too broad”, she told me and urged me to narrow it down as much as possible so this is what I did this week.

I put together a document that I hope will appeal to the editor and sent it to Bev for comments before sending it – a good thing as it turned out, as she made some great suggestions to improve it. I made the changes she suggested and pressed the ‘Send’ button.

Another baby step!

Next, I turned my attention to another area.  Having recently joined the Kingston Chamber of Commerce, I discovered just how many opportunities are available to members.  I even discovered I can write regular articles for their website and, since I love writing, I wrote one right there and then and sent it in.

I’m delighted to report it was approved and it’s now there for all members to see – assuming, of course, they check out the blogs.

Yet another baby step!

Then I decided to take a risk:

As I mentioned in a previous blog, I’m not too comfortable in large groups although, having now attended several networking events and getting to know people, I’ve actually started to enjoy myself.  But that’s a far cry from attending an Expo event where there will be hundreds of people!  That is truly stepping out of my comfort zone!

Imagine my delight when, going through other people’s articles on the Chamber’s website, I found one about how to make the most of attending an Expo event!  I just printed it out to study in more detail which means that, when I attend the event, I will have a better idea of how to make the most of it.

And another baby step!

And so it went – baby step after baby step after baby step.

What makes it all even better is that I know very clearly what I want to achieve – I want to make new contacts and spread my ideas.

So my question to you is,

What exactly do you want?

Then, once you know, what is the smallest step you can take which is likely to have the biggest result?  Think of it as the 80-20 rule where one baby step can produce a significant result.

With love and gratitude,






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