The unexpected secret to self-sabotage – and how to stop it (Part 5)

Last week, in Part 4, I explained what stops you from moving forward and from making small changes even when you know you would be happier and more fulfilled if you did.

Resistance to change is a powerful obstacle but, whichever type of resistance I described last week you fall into, the suggestions I offered will maximise your chances of succeeding in your efforts.

Building on last week’s blog this week I would like to explore two things, both of which go hand in hand:

    1. Intentions
    2. Perseverance

Blending kindness, generosity and insight with positive intentions deeply reprograms your brain, especially when combined with perseverance.

That’s because, to coin a cliché, Rome wasn’t built in one day.  Reprogramming your brain takes time and perseverance.

Here’s an example.

My intention is to empower you to create a life where you feel happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

I persevere in manifesting this intention with regular blogs, books and occasional videos which I have done for about 3 years and, sometimes, when I talk with people.

Here’s another example.

My intention is to deepen my relationship with Paul.

I persevere in manifesting this intention by, among other things, listening to him, thanking him when he does something for me even when he has done that same thing before, offering to do something that I know matters to him, sending him a loving text, and turning to him when I feel happy or sad.

As you can see from both examples, intentions are on-going.  It’s not something you ever tick off as you would with a goal, for example. With a goal, once you achieve it you can tick it off and move on to the next one.

Now it’s your turn.

What intentions would you like to manifest and how exactly do you plan to do it?

With love and gratitude,



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