Does love help prevent accidents?

On Tuesday two weeks ago, just after coming out from my dentist for my regular check-up, I tripped over a raised slab on the pavement and fell heavily on my face.

One of my front teeth was pushed down so it touched my lip.  I was unable to close my mouth, I badly hurt my wrist trying to buffer my fall, I bruised my ribs so it hurt to breathe, and I was generally bruised and sore.

As I lay there, face down, unable to move, a kind soul turned me over gently and, with the help of a second Good Samaritan, they carefully sat me against the wall.  All I could think of at that moment was my tooth, especially since I was less than 5 minutes away from my dentist’s surgery.

My rescuers urged me not to move and to allow the adrenaline to leave my body before attempting to get up.  I checked my heartbeat and, to my surprise, instead of beating erratically from the shock, my heart was strong and steady.  No adrenaline, no shock.

I told myself, “I know, I’ll have a delayed reaction” – but there was none.

After a while I managed to get up and walk back to the dentist.  They were shocked at the sight of me!

My dentist commented I was lucky I didn’t lose my tooth or crack my jaw.  He added, he’d never seen a case quite like mine.

But the greatest ‘miracle’ was the fact that my back was fine – for those of you who don’t know, I have scoliosis and have been suffering from severe backpain until about a year ago when I started working with Bernie, my Alexander Technique practitioner.

The following day I travelled by train to Ashford, a journey that took two changes and lasted nearly 3 hours each way, and on Saturday, Paul, my partner, and I went walking on Bushey Park.

By Monday I was almost fully recovered – except for my mouth.  Chewing hurt so I was limited in my choice of foods.

Oh, have I mentioned I’m 73?

So, back to my original question, does love prevent accidents?  The answer is obviously ‘no’ (though a fun question to ask)

But how about this one?

Does love help you heal quicker from accidents?

The honest answer is – I don’t know but I remember that, several years ago, when I had a similar accident, tripping over a raised slab on the pavement, the shock caused me to burst into tears and it took me several months to recover.

While searches on the internet to find an explanation turned up nothing that chimes with this latest incident I did find research that proves that happily paired individuals feel pain less severely than those in unhappy relationships.

This definitely coincides with my own experience so why wouldn’t I also heal quicker from a fall?

Here’s one article I found to supports my belief in the power of love and happy relationships:

My theory expands on this article which I would express as follows:

Happy marriages/relationships strengthen our immune system which, in turn, improves our health and our healing processes.

But I need to add a caveat:

Before you can have a genuinely happy relationship, you need to be personally happy.

What does this mean and what can you do about it?

As a first step I suggest you contact me by email at or by going on my website, to find out how you can make yourself happy.

This is a free exploratory conversation with absolutely no obligation.

By the end of it, I promise you will have tips to get you started whether or not you choose to work with me.

With love and gratitude,



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