Haven’t I been here before?

How long does it take to learn that lesson?

You may remember this question I asked you only a month ago:

“How long do you keep on doing the same thing over and over again before you realise it ain’t working!”

I sort of ‘woke up’ when I caught myself thinking, “Hang on a minute! Haven’t I been here before?”

I’m so wedded to achieving my big dream that I keep trying out all kinds of things. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? I’m always preaching about experimenting.

I’m also always adding the caveat – if it works, carry on doing it; if it doesn’t, try something else.

I just realised I wasn’t listening to myself.

I kept pushing despite seeing no results in return on my time investment. I HAD to give this thing a fair try! But how long is ‘fair try’?

My frustration increased but so did my drivenness – with my dream seemingly moving further and further away until it finally dawned on me.

Being driven and being inspired are not at all the same thing!

I suddenly saw that I’d answered my own question in my blog a month ago – ‘How do you know when to let go?’

This is what I finally noticed – I’d stopped feeling vital, inspired, passionate, hopeful.

Why did it take me so long?  Here are the two conclusions I arrived at:

1. I have a belief of giving something a fair try – though I seem not to have figured out how long that should be,
2. I sometimes don’t know what I should do instead – I forget to experiment.

So, what did I do next?

The first thing I did was to figure what I do that gives me no pleasure at all – and STOP IT!

That was the easy part.

The less easy part is to figure out what to do instead and so I’m doing something else I never dared to do before:

I’m taking a step back. I’m slowing down. I’m breathing. I’m moving around. I look out of the window. I listen to music.

And so I’m finally hearing the advice I keep giving you. It’s always easier to see somebody else’s blocks than one’s own but it seems I finally got there.

Time for reflection and space.

With love and gratitude,



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