What limiting belief are you holding on to and how do you let it go?

 I thought I knew myself. I really did.

I’m a tropical flower. I LOVE sunshine and warm weather. I HATE rain and wind. And I hate it even more when I’m on holiday!

Walking hurts because of my lower back pain – though I’ve had massive improvements since I started the Alexander Technique.

Then Paul and I started out on our first break together in Penzance and everything I thought I knew about myself turned on its head.

It poured with rain and the wind made my hair stand on end. But I didn’t care – not one little bit. Instead, I felt exhilarated. That was surprise number one. I have ‘good hair’ days and I have ‘bad hair’ days, and I feel good about the former and irritated by the latter.

But the bigger surprise was that we walked all day – up and down hilly paths overlooking the sea – some of those paths, sodden.

Even when Paul suggested we take a bus, I chose to walk (albeit downhill). He could hardly believe it and neither did I – but I loved it. How amazing was that!

So what does it all mean?

As I kept thinking, in wonder, “this is so unlike me!” by the end of our time there I came to realise, “this is who I am now.”;

Now I’m wondering, what other self-limiting beliefs am I holding on to?

It’s your turn now.  Ask yourself, “what self-limiting belief am I holding on to which, if I were to test it, might turn out to be an absolute lie?”

With love and gratitude,



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