how to build
relationships that
are strong and loving

Hi, I’m Sue.

Love is a big word. It’s not only about our love for others, romantic or otherwise but, most of all, it’s about our love for ourselves.


Because our relationship with ourselves forms the foundation of all our other relationships.

Because whether we love ourselves or not, whether we trust ourselves or not, it subconsciously determines how other people relate to us – carelessly, thoughtlessly, casually or with kindness, love and consideration – however long that relationship.

That’s because people take us at our own valuation.

My passion is relationships – understanding what makes them joyful, what makes them painful, what creates intimacy and what creates distance.

I enable women build relationships that are solid and durable and, especially, relationships that are loving and intimate.

I have lived a life rich in joy and pain, disappointments and triumphs, failures and victories.  I have suffered, as I’m sure you too have suffered or are still suffering.

In the many years since I left my marriage aged 60, I went on to create a life filled with love, happiness and meaning.

Best of all, only months after I turned 70, I met the most wonderful man who turned out to be my soulmate, my lover, my friend.

I soon discovered that meeting somebody wonderful is the easy part.  The challenge is how to maintain that relationship.

Through the barren years of my 37 year marriage I learned what does not work in a relationship and, best of all, I now know what makes a relationship work – more than that, I know what makes a relationship great.

That’s what makes me uniquely qualified to show you how to build relationships where you finally feel loved, valued and appreciated.

If you’re ready to embrace happiness, then contact me.  Together we can create the life and relationships you deserve.



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When you click on this button, you will receive my free video, a taster of the first of my 4-module system – ‘The Ultimate Conscious Loving Formula’.

In it you will discover how changing YOUR mindset will transform your relationship even though it’s not really you who’s causing theproblem.

To begin with, before you can make any changes to your life and your relationship, you will need to become aware of the habits and patterns you’ve developed over a lifetime, the ones you keep repeating, over and over again, making you behave in ways that not only don’t work but actually make things worse.

I will help you figure out the mindset that you brought into your relationship that keeps you both unhappy.

And, I will show you how to change that mindset around so you can start transformingyour relationship.

The complete system will enable you to rekindle the romance in your relationship so that you feel special, cherished and fancied.

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